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The Art of Shakti is an online platform that provides services of Kriya Yoga, Visual Art, and Vedic Counseling. What is the purpose of Yoga? To achieve Moksha, freedom of suffering. Moksha, which is also synonymous with Nirvana, is based on the belief of reincarnation - that we are here because we have unresolved karma to work out. Yoga is the Path to be free of it all.

Our founding principles are honoring Shakti energy - in yoga philosophy, divine feminine energy responsible for all the universe’s creation and spiritual awakening to realize one's true potential. Through the channeling of Shakti, we offer services to help you realize your true potential and divinity. We provide traditional Himalayan Yogic techniques that are scarcely shared due to its power for awakening. Through Kundalini and Kriya Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Mantra Meditations, and spiritual guidance, the highest, unfathomable transformation of ones being can occur. Individual coaching through Vedanta lens for lifestyle and spiritual practice can help one to overcome the obstacles of internal blocks, and further aid the process in achievement of ones soul mission. 

Our mission is to be of service to help others see beyond the self perceived karmic limitations of the material realm, to unlock and realize their true potential.   

SUTRA 18. विरामप्रत्ययाभ्यासपूर्वः संस्कारशेषोऽन्यः॥१८॥

virama-pratyaya-abhyasa-purvah samskara-sesah-anyah

…When this state, Asamprajnata, superconciousness, is reached, the Samadhi becomes seedless. What is meant by that? 

In that sort of concentration when there is consciousness, where the mind has succeeded only in quelling the waves in the Chitta and holding them down, they are still there in the form of tendencies, and these tendencies (or seeds) will become waves again, when the time comes. 

But when you have destroyed all these tendencies, almost destroyed the mind, then it has become seedless, there are no more seeds in the mind out of which to manufacture again and again this plant of life, this ceaseless round of birth and death.” 

-Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Swami Vivekananda


Anne, Private Coaching Student

"Sara, you are such a talented and thoughtful teacher. Each class has been totally different and all have been special and bliss-inducing. To know I’m going to have a library of such varied classes to work with throughout the future is really exciting! I’ve also seen my health, emotional and physical, improve since we started practicing together, and that is not a coincidence. You’re an important part of my healing journey. Thank you for being my inspiring, dedicated and delightful teacher!