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Art of Shakti

Rediscovering Dormant Potential

In yogic philosophy, discovered by ancient Rishis, traceable as far back as 1,000 B.C. - 500 B.C. in Vedic scriptures, Kundalini Shakti is divine feminine energy, the source of all material creation. Lying dormant in each human being, a hidden potential that can be awakened through the ancient spiritual science of yogic technology.  

We try all modern healing modalities to cure ailments of the mind, yet all progress falls short because it fails to permeate through the deeper layers of our being. Yoga, a spiritual science and technology, understands these deeper layers within each human being and is designed to break through all barriers of the mind. Through self practice, we can prevail past mental bondage and realize the source of all our suffering as self-inflicted. 


Art is not just visual, art is any expression of human creation. In this physical life, we are caught in the Maya (illusion) of division and dualities. The prime Vedic examples of dualities that represent the essence of universal existence is Shakti and Shiva. Shiva sometimes referred to as the Purusha, a masculine energy (in a metaphorical sense), pure consciousness, that which gives consciousness to beings within their bodies in this material world, and everything in it. It is the supreme source of all life behind its appearance. Shakti is Prakriti, divine feminine energy of material existence of all creation, including the subtler layers of our being. Within the cosmos, one cannot exist without the other. The merging of these two dualities is what is responsible for all creation. All Kundalini Yoga is Tantra, as it aims to transcend dualities, transmute sexual energy into spiritual, see past the Maya and promote spiritual liberation. Kundalini Shakti within the body is known to exist dormant at the base of the spine, and Shiva is known to reside at the crown of the head. We utilize traditional yogic technology (asana, chanting, mudra, banda, pranayama) to elevate this energy within ourselves and pierce through all the blockages and barriers that prevent us from spiritual ascension. Shakti desires to meet Shiva once again within us, and must first rise through each blockages before this union can be achieved. When we merge those energies within ourselves, we experience awakening - the art of union with cosmic consciousness, divine self. Traditionally they are known to meet at the Saharara (crown), yet some even believe they meet within our hearts. The art of self-realization, of Shakti, is the creative process to how we get there. 


This Art is available in various mediums and techniques, all of which achieves the same result - the return back to our true selves. Art of Shakti hopes to help you through this by offering tools of kundalini yoga, mantra, meditation, and spiritual guidance.  


About the Founder, Sara Atia

A Story of Suffering as a Guide towards Truth


Sara Atia is the Founder of Art of Shakti. She grew up in Lexington, MA. She struggled with addiction and great suffering through ailments of the mind at a very young age. Her career path has always been driven out of compassion, a desire to heal. She studied Art and Psychology at Hampshire college with the intention to practice Art Therapy. She worked at a Residential for Mothers struggling with addiction, as well as In Home Therapy for Children.


After a great trauma in her life, she took a prolonged period of isolation and was guided to a self practice of Kriya Yoga through Yogi Bhajan's teachings. During this time, the self practice unknowingly started a Kundalini Awakening without prior preparation, causing great danger and complications. She began studying Traditional Himalayan Kriya Yoga through the Parampara Lineage to learn the necessary practices and steps for how to safely awaken.

Despite culturally being brought up in a Muslim Background, she fell deep into Bhakti Yoga through the visions of Kali Ma and these experiences created great thirst for Vedic Knowledge. Sara created Art of Shakti to embrace online community for other seekers by offering donation based classes of Kriya Yoga, with the greatest hope of serving others who are feeling lost and struggling with the challenging and alienation of Kundalini Awakening within a modern western life. She is now a Studio Manager with Down Under School of Yoga in Boston, a 500 hr certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance through training in Rishikesh, and is currently studying under Yogi Praveen Rajput for further development in Kriya Yoga along with the American Institute of Vedic Studies to become certified in Vedic and Karmic Counseling.

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